Thursday 21 May 2015

LK Advani to be next President of India as PM Narendra Modi proposes BJP veteran`s name?

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New Delhi: Senior BJP leader LK Advani may become the next President of India, according to Zee News sources.

Advani's name came after PM Narendra Modi himself proposed the BJP veteran's name for the next President of India.

According to Zee News sources, PM Narendra Modi put forward Advani's name during a meeting in Gujarat's Somnath.

Reportedly, PM Modi says that President post will be a 'guru dakshina' for BJP veteran LK Advani.

In this meeting, Amit Shah, Keshubhai Patel and LK Advani were also present.

Noteworthy, after BJP's massive win in UP assembly elections, BJP is expected to get the next President of India of its choice.

Presidential election will held in July this year.

Here is the detailed VIDEO REPORT:-